The call for entries is now open for the Malaysia Effie Awards 2016 honouring the most effective marketing communication campaigns. Since its introduction in 1968, the Effie Awards has earned recognition as the premier award in the marketing communication industry worldwide. This year’s Malaysia EFFIE Awards, themed ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get effective’, is organized by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As), jointly supported by Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA), and Media Specialists Association (MSA).

In an increasingly competitive environment coupled with it being another challenging year, the emphasis is on marketing effectiveness focused on great ideas. The 2016 Effie Awards look to honour campaigns that are effective in producing measureable results based on set marketing objectives. This goal is also aligned to the 4As objective in promoting commercial creativity and its effectiveness.

Apart from the new elements introduced last year, notably digitizing of submissions, two rounds of judging, and local recognition awards – Brand of the Year and Agency of the Year – there will be several new additions this year to strengthen the prestigious stature of the Effie Awards.

This year, two existing award categories will be split into multiple award categories. The Food category will now split into the Package Food, Snacks and Desserts, and Restaurants categories, while the Health and Beauty, Wellness and Medical Services category will be split into Beauty, Personal Care, and Healthcare Products and Services categories.

There will also be two additional award categories: Business-to-Business and Media Idea.

We look forward to your entries and are excited to honour outstanding and effective marketing ideas for 2016. Each win contribute score points to the Global Effie Index that ranks the creators of the most effective marketing communication campaigns globally.

Yours sincerely,
Aaron Cowie
Organizing Chairman
Malaysia Effie Awards 2016