Showcasing campaigns that meet and exceed marketing objectives with a focus on effectiveness, the theme for this year’s 13th Malaysian Effie Awards is ‘Pulse’.

Life beats to its own rhythm. With tough times coming and going as they please. The only way to thrive is to tap into the rhythm and produce amazing work, because no matter how tough the times are, truly good work always sets pulses racing.

“Pulse” celebrates advertisers and marketers who despite going through this testing time still produce great works because they tapped into the pulse of the people, the situation, and pivoted quickly making these works become effective. These are the works that are worthy of an Effie.

Since 1968, winning an Effie has become a global symbol of achievement. Today, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with over 40 global, regional and national programs across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa and North America. Effie’s mission is to lead, inspire and champion the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness.