The focus of the Malaysia Effie Awards is to identify campaigns that have met or surpassed their goals. The written case is the most important part of the entry because it describes the effectiveness of the campaign. An effectively written case details the competitive environment, the campaign objectives and goals, and any evidence of performance. It is the basis for judgment.

Go to and complete steps below:



Click the ‘Register’ tab and this opens the ‘Company Registration’ page.
Fill in all the required fields and submit your registration.
You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.



Entry Kit
Login to your account and download the 2020/2021 Effie Awards Malaysia Entry Kit. Read the information thoroughly. Campaigns that do not adhere to the requirements for entry submission will be disqualified and fees WILL NOT be refunded.
Entry Form
Download and complete your written campaign case in the official Entry Form.
Client Authorisation Form and Credits Form
Download and complete the Client Authorisation Form and Credits Form.



Insert the Category, Product/Service, Campaign Title, Client and 90-word summary.
Upload the following materials:

  • Entry Form (in Word format .doc).
  • Client Authorisation Form (in PDF format).
  • Credits Form (in PDF format).
  • YouTube URL and/or PDF of visuals.



Payment together with Entry Masterlist – Ensure the payment of the correct amount is written on the cheque that covers all entries submitted with the masterlist downloaded from the submission website.
Submit 1 DVD that consist of following:

  • A high-resolution video in mp4 format of your creative materials. File size: 200 MB max
  • One main campaign image (high-res)
  • Entry Form (Word format .doc)
  • Primary Agency Logo (both AI & JPEG)
  • Client Company Logo and its Brand Logo (both AI & JPEG)

Important Reminder: Please thoroughly review all the information regarding how to enter, eligibility, etc. for 2020/2021 Effie Awards Malaysia competition. Entries that do not adhere to the requirements will be disqualified and fees will not be refunded.

Any request for change after submission will be reviewed and decided by the Organizer. An administrative fee of RM360.00 for members and RM480.00 for non-members per request, per entry applies. Organizers are not obliged to enter into any discussion or correspondence. Changes cannot be made once judging has commenced.


The official Entry Forms can be downloaded from

There are dedicated entry forms for Sustained Success and Positive Change: Environmental – Brand/Non-Profit categories. All other category submissions use the standard entry form.

The entry forms are self-explanatory with Effie Tips provided where relevant.

Your entry should tell the complete, concise story of all marketing communications that were created and implemented for this campaign and account for other factors that influenced the outcomes.

You must source all data you provide in the Entry Form either by listing the specific source next to each piece of data, or in clearly marked footnotes at bottom of each relevant page.

Be as specific as possible in documenting all evidence; provide sources of data, research involved and the time period covered.

Acceptable sources can be: advertiser data, agency research or third party research companies. Use the specific name of the company to reference a source except when the source is one of the submitting Agencies (Ad, Media or Other agencies).

For Agency companies only use the term “Agency research”. Effie is an Agency-blind competition — your entry will be disqualified if you include your agency name anywhere in the entry form or creative materials.

The Organizer reserves the right to check all sources provided for accuracy.

Non-English entries:

TRANSLATION PAGE: Entrants submitting creative materials that are not in English are required to provide translation on an additional 1 page added to the back of their Entry Form. Subtitles should be provided on the creative video. For any non-English creative materials submitted that are NOT subtitled, please provide written translation.

When providing written translation, make sure to list creative materials in the order they appear on the creative video as follows: E.G. (Medium: Print “Title” translation, “Title” translation; Medium: OOH “Title” translation, etc. Please provide all translation on one page.

Be direct. Present your story in an easy-to-follow style with a minimum of hyperbole. The link between the strategic challenge, the objectives, big idea, the creative executions and results should not be hidden.

Identify the competitive landscape. Do not assume that the judges reviewing your entry are aware of the marketplace ins and outs of your particular category. Be sure to provide a clear picture of the marketplace situation.

Be concise. Use the space and pages provided in the standard form. Don’t add additional pages – they will be detached and discarded upon receipt.

Include clear, simple, relevant charts and tables. If done correctly, charts and tables allow judges to easily assess the success of the campaign.

Know the rules. Review the judging criteria and the reasons for disqualification before submitting your campaign.

Proofread. It’s not enough to use spellcheck! Have a few of your colleagues read your case through before submitting to be sure it’s clean and clear and jargon-free.

Give credit where credit is due. You are required to credit the main strategic and creative partners. Don’t forget to credit all of your team members and partners in the Credits Form and make sure their names are spelt correctly. If your campaign is a winner, the credits will be published.

Source your results. The #1 reason judges mark an entry for disqualification is failure to provide a specific, verifiable source for all data included in the Entry Form. Review the guidelines in this document for sourcing your data before submitting.

Make sure your entry does not include an Agency name anywhere in the Entry Form or creative materials. Effie is an Agency-blind competition. The #2 reason judges disqualify an entry is for including the agency name in the Entry Form or creative materials.

Provide English translations for all non-English creative materials.

Be compelling. Your entry should be a stimulating read.

Tell judges why it is successful. For every objective, provide clear, sourced results.

Learn from Success. Take time to review Effie Winners’ cases in the online showcase at