Creative materials become the property of the Effie Awards and will not be returned. The Effie Awards is granted the right to make copies of selected creative material for education and publicity purposes.

The 90 Word Summary you submit for your campaign will be published as deemed fit if your campaign is a winner.

The Effie Awards offers entrants the opportunity to have their winning case published on the Effie Awards web site and other web sites and publications as approved by the Effie Awards. Publication is at the sole discretion of the Effie Awards.

You must indicate in the Publication Permission section of the Client Authorisation Form whether or not publication permission is granted for your winning case

Effie Worldwide is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that stands for effectiveness in marketing communications, spotlighting marketing ideas that work and encouraging thoughtful dialogue about the drivers of marketing effectiveness. In order to help fulfill this mission and provide learning to the industry, Effie relies on entrants’ willingness to share their finalist and winning case studies with the industry.

By providing permission to publish your written case, you are:

Effie wins help attract new talent, prove the importance of marketing in business, and strengthen agency-client relationships.